Darick Day

Chief Medical Officer/Critical Care Paramedic/Instructor
Madison County Ambulance District
Fredericktown, MO

Darick has been a paramedic for six years, and is currently Madison County Ambulance District’s (MCAD) Chief Medical Officer. Darick is the go-to person for Madison County, and is truly phenomenal at his job. Darick manages MCAD’s Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement to ensure ongoing excellence.

Darick mentors fellow staff and continually helps improve their performance. Additionally, Darick serves his community in number of ways. Darick is MCAD’s CPR and first aid instructor for the local police department, fire department, and home health staff. Darick also works with MCAD’s Chief to provide AED training to churches and community centers that have AEDs on their premises.

Madison County Ambulance District is truly proud to have Darick as an integral part our team and to nominate him for a Star of Life award.

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