David DeTray

Trinidad Ambulance District
Trinidad, CO

David DeTray, or “Bubba” as he is known in Trinidad, is Trinidad Ambulance District’s most senior employee. David is proud to have dedicated over 15 years of service to our community.

In addition to his work as a Paramedic, David is also a Fire Chief, a member of our Rescue Task Force, and our driving instructor. David is one of the most compassionate and caring Paramedics you will ever meet. His sense of humor is without equal, and he is quick to share a joke with his patients, colleagues, and hospital staff.

David has spent many years as an ALS provider at the Intermediate level. David wanted to earn his Paramedic certification, but there were many obstacles to doing so, not the least of which was that the closest Paramedic school was three hours away in Denver. Despite serving as the Fire Chief for a fire district in our neighboring county and on top of his full-time schedule with Trinidad, David sacrificed so that our community could have another much needed Paramedic in our ranks.

This dedication to providing high-quality mobile healthcare to his community makes Trinidad Ambulance District proud to call David DeTray a Star of Life.

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