Dennis Kelley

Puckett EMS, Inc.
Austell, GA

It is my honor to nominate Dennis M. Kelley for this year’s Stars of Life award. I know that you will also support this nomination once you review the qualifications and level of commitment that Dennis has shown in his nineteen plus years in Emergency Medical Services. Dennis is currently employed with Puckett EMS as a Paramedic in Dade County, Georgia serving a rural population of 16,000 people. Dennis has been an integral part of the EMS system in Dade County since 2006 when he relocated there with his family. Dennis has donated countless hours of his time to the Dade County School System. Dennis currently serves as a Future Business Leaders of America liaison for EMS and is a Board Member of the Dade County High School Health Occupation. Dennis’s passion has always been the wellbeing of children. Over the past several years, Dennis has coordinated several public education events in an attempt to educate the student body on impaired driving consequences. He has hosted several Ghost Out events which have been very effective in reducing teenage drunk driving during prom season. This past year, Dennis was an integral part in the passing of Senate Bill 212 which mandated school grades 9 through 12 to provide instruction in CPR and AED use to all students. Dennis had successfully implemented this program in Dade County before it was ever passed into law. Governor Nathan Deal signed SB 212 into law on March 5, 2013 in front of the student body of Dade County High School. Dennis has accomplished a lot over the years and he continues to use those skills to give back to the community that he serves. He is an Eagle Scout recipient and now serves as a Boy Scout Explorer graduate/coordinator for children. He is an American Heart BLS Instructor. He also volunteers for Dade County EMS.”

2014 | GA