Don Heckathorn

Woodburn Ambulance Service
Madras, OR

Don began his career in the 1970’s as a volunteer with the Madras, Oregon ambulance service where he obtained his EMT certificate. In 1980 Don began working for Metro West Ambulance and earned his paramedic license in 1984. He continued his EMS career eventually moving back to Madras where he spent countless hours serving his community, eventually becoming Chief of Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services. Even while working actively in EMS as a paramedic, manager, and volunteer EMS educator, Don took on the added role of volunteer reserve police officer for both the Madras Police Department and Jefferson County Sherriff ‘s Office. In 2013, at the peak of his professional life, Don was doing one of his favorite activities, riding his motorcycle, when he was struck by a vehicle and killed. Thousands of lives have been touched by Don throughout his career. Don exemplified the qualities of a true “Star of Life”

2014 | OR | Woodburn Ambulance Service