Dubravka Frost

Contra Costa County, CA

Dubravka Frost is being honored as a Star of Life for her enthusiasm and her role in establishing her operation’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) program. She is considered one of the strongest Paramedics in the Contra Costa operation. In addition to leading the CISM team, Dubravka is a union shop steward, a Field Training Officer, a Preceptor, an acting Supervisor, and is part of the special operations unit. Dubravka is an outstanding role model to her coworkers and enthusiastically teaches new Paramedics and EMTs. She has also earned the respect of her leaders, who look to her to help encourage and empower her teammates in their roles.

As a native of Croatia who moved to the U.S. as a child with her family during a time of national unrest, Dubravka knows firsthand the challenges that come with being an immigrant. The obstacles she has faced have made her stronger and even more determined to serve in a position that would help people in the place she calls home.

Today, Dubravka believes she is living the “American Dream,” and her journey in the EMS industry is part of it. She loves her work as a Paramedic and enjoys sharing her knowledge with her fellow EMS professionals.


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