Elizabeth Heckathorn

Woodburn Ambulance Service
Madras, OR

Liz is one of those colleagues we all know and love who live and breathe EMS and community service. After beginning a career as a licensed dental assistant took a required CPR class and caught the EMS bug. In the early 1980’s Liz took a Basic EMT class in the basement of Wollowa Memorial Hospital and her passion for lifesaving was off and running. Throughout her career, Liz has found a way to put her enthusiasm and commitment to excellent use. She has served as a paramedic and EMS manager in extremely rural northeastern Oregon, and as a Captain firefighter/paramedic in Central Oregon. These roles gave her excellent experience which she has put to use as an EMS educator and community college EMT program director. Liz spent 15 years working in the Oregon State EMS office in roles including Prehospital standards, rules promulgation, and trauma system oversight. Even while taking on these many roles, Liz has continued doing what she truly loves, using her paramedic license to provide care in the field with Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services. Liz has recently taken on the role of Chief and will be putting that experience and community spirit to great use as she guides her EMS agency forward. She is absolutely a “Star of Life”.”

2014 | OR | Woodburn Ambulance Service