Emily Wright

Acadian Ambulance Service
Houston, TX

Acadian Ambulance Paramedic Emily Wright found a career in EMS through an unconventional path that previously saw her performing with a comedy show on cruises. Emily met her future husband on the cruise and relocated to Lafayette, Louisiana, to be with him.

“I’m a native of England, and I have traveled the world, singing in various places in France, the United States and the Caribbean. I even once performed alongside Patti Smith!” says Emily.

After settling in Lafayette, Emily enrolled in Acadian’s National EMS Academy to pursue her EMT certification. Emily joined the company in July 2016 and was assigned to their Houston service area. It didn’t take long before Emily enrolled in an accelerated Paramedic program in Houston to earn that certification and advance her career.

Emily is one of the Houston area’s top preceptors for new hires. In addition to these roles, she serves as an associate quality improvement coordinator and is president of the area’s safety, health and wellness team. Emily is a recipient of Acadian’s President’s Performance Award.

Acadian Operations Manager Adam Fitzhenry describes Emily as, “dedicated, determined and possessing a very strong work ethic.”

Emily is working to earn her Critical Care Transport Paramedic certification and aspires one day to join Acadian Air Med as a Flight Paramedic.

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