Gary Chambers

LifeCare Medical Transports
Fredericksburg, VA

Gary is being recognized for providing outstanding care and exceptional service to patients at LifeCare Medical Transports. He constantly strives for improvement and seeks opportunities to enhance his clinical skills. Gary began his career in EMS in 1993 when he became an EMT, wanting to make a difference in people lives. Gary realized that being an EMT was very rewarding and had a desire to provide more help, so he went back to school and received his Paramedic in 1999. Gary has been involved in mountain rescues as part of his career as well as several FEMA deployments. Gary was very involved with the rescue efforts in Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina and New York for Hurricane Sandy. He continually goes above and beyond by learning general phrases in various languages as a way to improve communication with his patients. This small step in providing outstanding customer service makes the patient feel more comfortable at a time of great worry. We at LifeCare Medical Transports are honored to call Gary Chambers, one of our own STARS since joining our team in 2004.”

2014 | LifeCare Medical Transports | VA