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Earl Cottom

Earl is being nominated for providing outstanding care and exceptional service to his patients at LifeCare Medical Transports. With a strong passion to help those in need, Earl became certified as an EMT-B in 2008. As a valued EMT at LifeCare, Earl holds two positions; one as a Team Leader and another as a Field Training Officer. Since becoming a Field Training Officer with LifeCare, Earl has continued to go above and beyond in assuring all crew members have the proper training with LifeCare’s equipment, procedures and processes with a strong focus on providing exceptional customer service with each and every call. Earl is always willing to help with community events. He was very involved with the teaching of hands-only CPR, which attracted over 3,000 participants. Earl has a true passion for teaching and training, and has an engaging presence with his students. Earl is often referred to as someone with compassion, consideration, and affection with all those he comes in contact with, which is why he continually receives compliments from patients and facilities. One of Earl’s co-workers said, “Earl is someone who, no matter what is going on, always has a smile on his face and is upbeat.” We at LifeCare Medical Transports are honored to call Earl Cottom a STAR since joining our team in 2010.”

Gary Chambers

Gary is being recognized for providing outstanding care and exceptional service to patients at LifeCare Medical Transports. He constantly strives for improvement and seeks opportunities to enhance his clinical skills. Gary began his career in EMS in 1993 when he became an EMT, wanting to make a difference in people lives. Gary realized that being an EMT was very rewarding and had a desire to provide more help, so he went back to school and received his Paramedic in 1999. Gary has been involved in mountain rescues as part of his career as well as several FEMA deployments. Gary was very involved with the rescue efforts in Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina and New York for Hurricane Sandy. He continually goes above and beyond by learning general phrases in various languages as a way to improve communication with his patients. This small step in providing outstanding customer service makes the patient feel more comfortable at a time of great worry. We at LifeCare Medical Transports are honored to call Gary Chambers, one of our own STARS since joining our team in 2004.”

Tasha Browne

Tasha Browne is being nominated for her exceptional contribution to daily human resource and finance aspects of LifeCare Medical Transports. Tasha is a crucial part of the Senior Leadership team at LifeCare serving as the Vice President of both Human Resources and Finance. This is no small task for an EMS agency that employs hundreds of individuals throughout the state of Virginia. Tasha began her career with LifeCare in 2006. Since that time, she has consistently given her all to ensure that LifeCare operates efficiently and ethically day in and day out. A good steward of corporate resources, she has stayed abreast of industry changes by attending virtual training programs. She is also currently attending a Leadership Development Program through the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce which allows her to improve her leadership skills while building regional business connections. Tasha has always been a team player. She has been trained to serve as a call-taker, dispatcher as well as a corporate manager in order to help when crisis strikes. Tasha has also been instrumental in implementing LifeCare “green” efforts with an electronic orientation and on boarding process, electronic personnel files, electronic pay stubs, electronic signature pads, and virtual training. These items were key in LifeCare’s latest award: 2014 Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Green Frontier Award.This award was presented for LifeCare’s continued promotion and support of green initiatives throughout the company. We at LifeCare Medical Transports are honored to call Tasha Browne, MBA, a star since joining our team in 2006.”

R. Duane Thomas

When Duane Thomas found EMS, he found his calling. Duane came to LifeCare in 2011 as an EMT-B, and went on to complete the Intermediate program in 2015. Duane is described by his colleagues as, “professional, caring, and always an advocate for his patients.” While still an EMT-B, Duane was the partner that every medic would want on their crew. Duane always anticipated what the medic would need and would have it ready. Duane is not afraid to offer or take suggestions on a call and is always eager to learn and improve his skill set.

Duane always represents LifeCare in a professional and caring manner. The clinical care and comfort of Duane’s patients is always his priority. Duane has earned the respect of the doctors, nurses and staff members of the medical facilities he visits with his patients.

Duane’s commitment to excellence in clinical care and customer service is deserving of recognition. Duane’s LifeCare colleagues and supervisors are in agreement that his dedication to providing the best EMS care to the people of the Southwestern region of Virginia is exemplary. LifeCare Medical Transports is proud to recognize Duane as a 2017 Star of Life.

Ken Cook

Lieutenant Ken Cook, EMT-B, began his career at LifeCare Medical Transports in 2013, and was quickly recognized by his supervisor as a born leader. Initially promoted to Sergeant of LifeCare’s Salem/Roanoke, Virginia station, Ken was again promoted to Lieutenant in 2015. Now, Ken is the operational supervisor for LifeCare’s entire Southwest Virginia region.

Ken’s employees appreciate his 24/7 availability and “can-do” attitude. There is no job too big or too small for Ken, in fact, Ken can frequently be found behind the wheel of a wheelchair van to ensure that all transports in his region, no matter the level of acuity, are handled in a timely manner. With a large geographic region to manage, Ken travels each week between his stations to ensure all of his employees have the tools they need to do the best job possible, and that all company policies and expectations are being met or exceeded.

Ken is a well-respected representative of LifeCare at the facilities served in his region. Ken has worked hard to dramatically increase business, and rally the necessary resources to handle the huge workload that the region demands.

Ken is calm and unassuming; however his background and training tell another story. Ken received his Bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Penn State, and his Master’s degree from the Medical College of Virginia in Health Administration. Ken puts his education to use on a daily basis as he works to ensure all details are addressed while at the same time, still remaining focused on the big picture.

Ken’s commitment to excellence in clinical care and customer service are exceptional. Ken’s high standards set the bar for his employees to follow, and his hard work, calm, and professional leadership, are the reason his employees choose to follow.

Linda Brown

Linda Brown started her LifeCare career more than thirteen years ago. Already an EMT-B and active member of her volunteer agency, Linda’s background in accounting enabled her to join our staff as a Billing Specialist. LifeCare leadership realized from the very beginning that they had hired a customer service gem.

Over the years, Linda has not only served as a Billing Specialist, but has been involved in many special events. These range from providing EMS coverage at the Boy Scout Jamboree to sharing her smiling face and gentle words with children and adults in attendance at health and safety expos throughout the Central Virginia Region.

Linda’s knack for customer service has proven invaluable to LifeCare when serving customers calling in regards to their bills. Additionally, Linda is a great cheerleader for LifeCare’s employees. She assists the President of LifeCare with the preparation and presentation of kudos letters to employees who have been recognized by LifeCare’s customers for outstanding service.

LifeCare would not be the same without Linda’s smiling face and excellent customer service.

Sandy Passera

Sandy Passera came to LifeCare in 2011 to learn more about EMS so that she could better understand the passion that her sons, Michael and Ryan, had found in the Fire and EMS industries. She started her career with LifeCare as a Call Taker, and it wasn’t long before her outstanding leadership and innate customer service skills began to strengthen the Call Center operations.

It was Sandy’s excellent skills and dedication that lead to her promotion to Corporal of the Call Center. It was during this time that she took charge of the Call Center training process, and began training all new Call Takers, as well as providing the first level of training to all new Dispatchers.

Sandy currently oversees Call Center operations in her role as Sergeant. She tirelessly manages the department, answers calls, and trains Call Takers and Dispatchers in the precise work of the department. This is no small task. The LifeCare Call Center takes calls for its entire state-wide operations with a projected volume in 2016 of 80,000 transports.

The Call Center is a welcoming place because Sandy sets the stage for excellence in customer service for all of LifeCare’s customers – both external and internal. She decorates for every holiday, and ensures that her employees feel appreciated and empowered to do great work. They respectfully refer to Sandy as the “mom” of the Call Center.

Hank Pfister

Hank Pfister has been providing care as a LifeCare Medical Transports Paramedic for over five years, serving those in need in the Southwest Region of Virginia. His excellence in patient care and customer service earned him the position of ALS Field Training Officer.

Hank is truly a staple at LifeCare. He is a go-to provider for any question about policies and protocols, and his peers look up to him as a gentleman who always goes above and beyond the call of duty. A hard-working, loyal employee, Hank has earned the respect of not only LifeCare’s employees, but also the staff members of the hospitals and residential facilities in the region. They can count on his clinical competency and compassion.

Hank is the gentleman who will help out a friend or stranger in need without the expectation of thanks. That is why his fellow providers have chosen to nominate him as a Star of Life award recipient.

Jerry Whitlock

Since 2011, Jerry Whitlock has been a loyal, respected EMS provider and leader at LifeCare Medical Transports. His calm, friendly demeanor has helped not only his patients, but also the employees who he has trained in his role as Field Training Officer. From his earliest days with LifeCare, his ability to lead by example has proven to be an invaluable asset to the agency.

Jerry’s excellent leadership skills helped him to earn the respect of his peers, as well as of LifeCare’s leadership team. In 2015, Jerry was selected as the Sergeant to oversee LifeCare’s King William 9-1-1 station operations. Starting from scratch, Jerry built a new team of providers with a strong, healthy work ethic, and who took pride in their work. His excellence in both internal and external customer service led to his recent promotion to Lieutenant of the King William 9-1-1 station. His contagious smile and “can do” attitude are exemplary.

LifeCare Medical Transports is proud to nominate Jerry Whitlock as an American Ambulance Association 2016 Star of Life.