Ian Pieper

Emergency Medical Technician
Hunter's Ambulance
Meriden, CT

Ian Pieper began his EMS career at Hunters Ambulance in 2014. In addition to his current service as a combat medic specialist in the Army National Guard, Ian quickly established himself as a dedicated, hardworking stand out employee at Hunter’s. His personality shined, bringing out the best of all those around him. Ian’s skillset was matched only by his dedication to his patients and colleagues.

Furthering his work in EMS, Ian was then promoted to Field Training Officer. In this role, he has bestowed his vast knowledge in the training and excellence of new Emergency Medical Technicians. Ian produces an energy amongst his peers, inspiring others to excel in the profession as he has. His leadership, compassion, dedication and willingness teach others, coupled with his passion for the mobile healthcare profession, makes Ian truly embody all that is best about EMS.

Ian was recently chosen as the Hunter’s Ambulance Service EMS 2019 Distinguished Service Award recipient.


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