Jacob Dindinger

★ Awarded Posthumously
Tucson, AZ
September 13, 2000–July 29, 2021 | Obituary

Jacob Dindinger is being honored and remembered for his faithful service in EMS. His young life was cut short following a senseless and deadly shooting spree that shocked the Tucson area last summer. Jacob left us as a fallen hero, who died in the line of duty on July 30, 2021. 

For those who knew him personally, Jacob was a dedicated EMS professional who was continually seeking ways to grow in his career. He was driven, but not arrogant. He knew that failure was a part of life and that it was a setback, but it did not have to be the outcome if you chose to pick yourself up and move forward. These are the words that Jacob lived by as he worked hard to succeed in his professional development.

Jacob left a mark on all of us and made an impact on his community with each interaction he had. We are all better people for having been touched by him and his family.


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