James Hadley

Life EMS Ambulance
Grand Rapids, MI

Life EMS Ambulance is pleased to recognize James Hadley as our 2014 Star of Life. James began his career at Life EMS Ambulance in 1997 as a mobility (wheelchair transport) associate. James obtained his basic EMT license in 2002. James has served effectively in many different roles, including as a mobility associate, as a basic EMT working on an ALS ambulance, and for many years as the support services coordinator at our Grand Rapids Central Support Facility. James demonstrates reliability, a strong work ethic, and resourcefulness no matter what role he was filling. However, James has earned his recognition as our Star of Life for the outstanding ancillary work he has done that goes beyond his typical duties. James has represented Life EMS on the planning committees for community events such as the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts and for many athletic events such as the Grand Rapids Marathon and Iron Man Triathlon. James has done a great job helping plan and organize the medical component of these events, and he often is present during the events to oversee and coordinate the EMS medical coverage. In this role James has developed many great relationships with key community leaders and groups and has been an excellent ambassador for EMS in general and Life EMS Ambulance in particular. James has also served as an installer for our Life Extra Care personal response system (PRS). He has done a great job in this role, providing skilled customer care in not only installing the system in customer’s homes but carefully explaining the service, answering questions, and making sure the needs of our elderly customers are met. In these roles James displays caring for his customers and provides feedback and assistance to his teammates to make improvements in our services. In everything James does, he makes a significant contribution to our company, our customers, and the communities we serve. James is truly a Star of Life!”

2014 | Life EMS Ambulance | MI