John Ehlich, III

Paramedic/Integrated Care Paramedic
Life EMS Ambulance
Grand Rapids, MI

John began his EMS career at Life EMS Ambulance in 2008 after 25 years working in another field. John began as an EMT-Basic, working in mobility and as a ReadiMedic before becoming a Paramedic. John received his paramedic license in 2009 and was promoted to a level II in 2011. Recently, John has spearheaded the new ICP role, working closely with Tandem 365 to service clients through the integrated care system. John feels that this is his most rewarding career experience to date. John said, “Seeing what EMS can be and will be has been the most rewarding experience.” John has also made LPGA standby a success the past two years.

John’s humility, actions, and performance point to his love of EMS and dedication to his career. Life EMS Ambulance is proud of John, who truly is deserving of the Star of Life award.

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2017 | Life EMS Ambulance | MI