Jonathan Blackwell

AMR - Mississippi
Gulfport, MS

The night of July 31, 2013, EMT Jonathan Blackwell visibly demonstrated the bond between members of an ambulance crew. That night, Jonathan and his partner, Jennifer Hesselbein, were evaluating a patient lying in the middle of the street. Suddenly, Jonathan saw a vehicle veer across the double yellow line and head straight towards them. He yanked Jennifer from certain death. The out-of-control vehicle killed their patient and nearly killed Jennifer, knocking her under the ambulance. Jonathan pulled her from beneath ambulance, called for backup and helped her until more AMR crews arrived. Jonathan was unharmed but Jennifer suffered numerous severe injuries from head to toe on her left side. She underwent 18 surgeries. She spent months in a surgical ICU and weeks at a rehab hospital. She went home in a wheelchair on December 5. Almost every day, Jonathan was at the hospital, doing anything he could for “Jenn” and her family. He helped organize and conduct fundraisers to defray Jennifer’s medical expenses. Jonathan speaks about his experience at EMT classes and first responder courses as part of safety education. Known to everyone as “Popcorn,” Jonathan became an EMT in 2011. He was promoted to field training officer last year. He is openly admired by his co-workers for strong clinical skills and deep compassion.”

2014 | American Medical Response (AMR) | MS