Joshua Daly

Sunstar Paramedics
Largo, FL

Josh Daly rose quickly through the ranks at Sunstar, and he has taken advantage of every opportunity the organization has offered to enhance his medical and professional practice.

His impressive professional development has been matched by his ability to influence and lead others. Josh’s achievements include being a FTO, a CME instructor, a Safety Officer, and Sunstar Paramedic’s 2017 FTO of the Year.

Josh’s leadership presence is visible every day. He comes to every class, field shift, and meeting as if it’s an interview for his next leadership role. He is an extraordinary role model to senior professionals as well as an inspiration to EMTs and Paramedics beginning their careers.

Josh shines a light through his quality of care, leadership, mentorship, and dedication to the advancement of the EMS profession.

For these reasons and more, we would like to support and celebrate Josh’s achievements as a Star of Life.


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