Joshua Lawler

Paramedic & Field Training Officer
Shawnee, OK

Joshua Lawler has served REACT Ambulance Authority for more than six years. During this time, he has used his many skills to benefit his community as a Single Response Paramedic, a Field Training Officer, and a Relief Supervisor.

Joshua was one of the first Paramedics assigned to a rural section of REACT’s response territory. Here, he was responsible for solo quick response to critical calls in under-served areas. Joshua worked with local first responders to form a team response to emergencies in many small communities. Joshua has also worked with senior citizen groups to set up medical screening days at senior centers throughout the area.

Joshua’s coworkers commend him as a “trusted and valuable asset,” and praise him for being “experienced, going above and beyond, stepping up over the years and contributing in multiple positions.”

Joshua is involved in the local Accredited Paramedic program at Gordon Cooper Technology Center. Joshua is an adjunct instructor in the lab, he lectures in the classroom, and has been involved in developing their new online Paramedic program.

When not serving the citizens of REACT’s response area, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife, Erin, and their son, Killian.

REACT Ambulance Authority is proud to call Joshua Lawler a 2019 Star of Life.


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