KC Robbins

Paramedic Supervisor
AMR/Lifeguard Ambulance
Macomb, IL

KC Robbins exemplifies servant-leadership by helping her crew members and coworkers meet the demands of the day. As someone who is always looking for new ways to improve and expand protocols, KC is often busy either filling in as a Supervisor and Field Training Officer in McDonough County, Illinois, or training staff in Buchanan County, Iowa, which is home to a new operation she helped to found. Her devotion to her job has taken her to many places across the nation, including New York City and Florida for COVID-19 response support, and Washington, D.C. for the 2021 Inauguration of President Biden, where she served as strike team leader.

KC’s consistent desire to help is reflected in her willingness to travel and serve at operations other than her own, particularly when those operations are severely short-staffed. She has worked many 100-hour weeks providing yearly training sessions for both McDonough County and Buchanan County operations. She also ran a COVID vaccine clinic in Chicago for Pfizer for five to six weeks with little to no assistance or guidance. KC is a self-motivated individual who is driven by her passion to help others in any way she can.


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