Luke Stengler

Emergency Medical Technician
Falck Mobile Health Corp
San Diego, CA

Luke Stengler has been an EMT for one year. He began his service in a quaint town in Virginia, before transferring to San Diego in February 2023. Throughout his tenure, Luke has consistently showcased his exemplary skills as an EMT. Yet, it was on April 1st, 2023, that his dedication and bravery truly shone through.

On this fateful day, the assigned crew on BLS5 comprised of EMT-B Kristine Kokkinos and EMT-B Luke Stengler. While en route to another assignment, they unexpectedly stumbled upon an accident. Swiftly surveying the situation, they halted to provide assistance. In their rapid response, both EMTs ensured scene safety by positioning their ambulance as a protective buffer against incoming traffic, thereby ensuring a safer environment for all present. The duo then proceeded to assess everyone involved, simultaneously relocating vehicles to the shoulder, clearing the main traffic lanes.

Their most poignant moment arose when they encountered a distressed individual, who had crashed his vehicle into the guardrail of an overpass bridge in a tragic attempt to end his own life. As the BLS5 crew approached to offer aid, this individual abruptly ran towards the bridge railing with the intent of leaping. CHP reports and witness testimonies confirm that as the man jumped, both EMT Kokkinos and Stengler, showcasing immense courage and disregarding their own safety, grasped him mid-air. They nearly plummeted off the side of the bridge, which towers 60-70 feet above a bustling freeway. Their unwavering grip and determination ensured that they did not let this individual fall to an untimely demise. Both EMTs displayed a heroic act, risking their lives for someone they had never met, who had made a grievous choice.

Originally from San Diego, Luke is currently advancing his education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree through the University of Arizona online. Off duty, he passionately participates in a hockey league alongside his high school teammates and hones his skills in jiu-jitsu.

The Falck team extends heartfelt gratitude to Luke Stengler for his unwavering commitment to both the organization and the communities we serve. His courage and dedication are truly inspiring.

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