Lyle Groves

Transport Nurse Manager
Mayo Clinic Ambulance
Rochester, MN

Mayo Clinic Ambulance is honored to be represented by Lyle Groves, Transport Nurse Manager, as a 2022 Star of Life.

Lyle began his career at Mayo Clinic in 1986 and has held a variety of roles throughout his tenure. He has never backed away from a challenge, which is what has always made Lyle such a key member of the team. Lyle’s first day as a nurse at Mayo was in the intensive care unit, and from that day forward he consistently looked for new things to learn and new ways to care for his patients.

“I take pride in meeting challenges head-on and finding solutions,” Lyle says. “I have never been one to say ‘that’s not my job;’ rather I look for ways to solve problems. For me, that approach is gratifying.”

Lyle’s colleagues describe him as one who is always willing to help and to reach out to others in need. He has the ability to recognize when a peer or patient is upset or struggling, and is ready to listen with calming compassion. Of his admirable attitude, Lyle says, “You have to approach your role with desire, ambition, find something that excites you and keeps you motivated. You also have to continue to learn, there is always something in health care to learn.”

Lyle is originally from Rice Lake, WI and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI.

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