Marcia Anderson

Critical Care Paramedic
M Health Fairview / HealthEast
St. Paul, MN

Marcia Anderson has served as an outstanding medic, teacher, and mentor for her many years in EMS. No one has more dedication and passion for our profession than she.

Marcia has worked as a Paramedic for M Health Fairview for more than 30 years. During that time, she has held many roles and has had a positive impact on many people; Paramedic, FTO, FTEP Training Specialist, Educator, Mentor, and Wellness Advocate. Marcia is dedicated to bettering herself and our profession through educational opportunities, and as such she has earned numerous instructor certifications and attained the rank of Critical Care Paramedic, FP-C. Marcia has contributed to the development of EMS in Dakota County by providing extensive training to First Responders and the general public as well as building strong EMS professionals in her role as Educator with Century College Paramedic program.

Marcia is a strong promoter and advocate for better mental health and wellness for EMS professionals. As an active rider with the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride for several years, Marcia has peddled more than 1,000 miles, bringing awareness to the mental and physical strain mobile healthcare professionals take on, as well as memorializing those EMS professionals who left us too soon.

A top-tier EMS clinician, educator, mentor, and role model, Marcia epitomizes the spirit of the Star of Life.

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