Michael Williams

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

When Michael Williams tells his colleagues that he knows how they feel, he isn’t joking. During a 14-year tenure at EMSA, Michael has held nearly every job there is. He joined EMSA as a vehicle supply technician and quickly worked his way into a tech supervisor role. Other roles he’s filled include EMT and field training officer, materials manager, paramedic, emergency medical dispatcher and, most recently, assistant field operations supervisor. Michael says that wearing so many different hats has given him a unique perspective on the business of EMS, but that “above all else, at the end of the day, we’re all here to take good care of sick and hurt people.”

In August 2015, Michael, his partner, and first responders resuscitated a man who went into cardiac arrest at a flea market. Doctors at the receiving hospital publicly praised the care Michael gave his patient and used the case to highlight the importance of bystander CPR and quality medical care.

2016 | EMSA | OK

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