Nancy Noel

Paramount Ambulance
Dubuque, IA

Nancy Noel has been in EMS for twenty-six years. In 1995, Nancy was attending college for nursing when she was involved in a serious car accident, suffering multiple injuries and fractures. A volunteer ambulance service and first responder service were called, and she was transported to the hospital. She felt very fortunate that strangers were there during her time of need and, after recovering from her injuries, Nancy decided to quit nursing school and pursue a career in EMS as a volunteer EMT and First Responder.

In 2014, Nancy decided to leave her volunteer service to work full-time as an EMT at Paramount Ambulance in Dubuque, IA. Despite her initial reservations of working in a large city that she was unfamiliar with, Nancy describes the experience as being incredibly rewarding. She has enjoyed working with other EMTs, Paramedics, and Critical Care Paramedics, and takes pleasure in knowing that she has made a difference in many lives.

Paramount Ambulance is proud to nominate Nancy as a Star of Life for her dedication to the company and to her patients. She can be counted on to consistently conduct herself in a professional and caring manner, and is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients and colleagues. She is a strong EMT who helps the Paramedics manage critical patients, and is the longest-tenured EMT at Paramount Ambulance.

Outside of her EMS career, Nancy works for a group home that owns and operates several homes for intellectually challenged clients. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her granddaughter and her three dogs, Max, Meko, and Tundra. She also enjoys working on the family farm, reading, auto racing, and hockey.

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