Noelle Gettemy

Paramedic & Quality Assurance Officer
McClain-Grady County EMS
Enid, OK

Noelle Gettemy has been a Paramedic for 10 years. In the past, she worked for EMSA in Oklahoma City. She has served full-time at McClain-Grady County EMS for the past three years.

In addition to responding to emergency calls and providing patient care, Noelle works as the Quality Assurance Officer for McClain-Grady County EMS. She reviews every call that the ambulance service runs and monitors that patient care protocols are followed to the letter. She ensures that patients receive the best care and that the patient care forms are complete and written in a professional manner. Noelle is also known for providing outstanding patient care with compassion, regardless of the situation and severity of the patient’s condition.

Noelle is constantly looking for ways to update the patient care protocols and ensuring that the latest equipment and technology are available to deliver the appropriate care and medications to the patients during their medical crisis. She does thorough research to gain knowledge of the latest patient care practices and to decide what new equipment will work or not work for the service.

Noelle is well respected by her coworkers and emergency department doctors and personnel for her professional demeanor and medical knowledge obtained through continuous training and years of experience.

Noelle Gettemy is an Oklahoma Ambulance Association 2019 national Star of Life.


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