Patrick Mahjoub

Patrick has always had a passion for helping others, and began his EMS career in 2010 as an NREMT and received his NREMT-Paramedic in 2014. He also serves as a volunteer firefighter for the Frontier Shores Volunteer District.

In 2016, Patrick became a Field Training Officer. He is passionate about education and training and always takes the time to explain and educate others. He enjoys helping new employees and coworkers, whether they are beginning their career in EMS or transitioning to a new licensure level. Patrick is well known for the compassion he shows his patients and his ability to work in a stressful situation. He remains calm under pressure, and shows true leadership abilities by quietly going above and beyond and never asking for acknowledgement or recognition. He is a great example of focus and dedication, which every EMS professional should aspire to emulate. 

Patrick is the proud father of one son, Bentley, whom he enjoys spending time outdoors with when off-duty. 

As a result of Patrick’s outstanding professionalism and exemplary performance, Pafford Medical Services is honored to endorse Patrick Mahjoub as a Star of Life.


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