Phoenix Alexa Reisner

Emergency Medical Technician
Trans Am Ambulance Services
Olean, NY

Phoenix Alexa Reisner started at Trans Am Ambulance Services, part of the Priority Ambulance family of companies, as a Call Taker/Dispatcher in 2014 and became an EMT in September 2022. Her bright disposition and inquisitive nature liven up any shift she is a part of.

Growing up with two parents in the healthcare industry, specifically in ambulance care, Phoenix has developed a strong passion for patient care and medicine. Since she was young, Phoenix dreamed of pursuing a career as a doctor. She has a Bachelor of Science in neurology with a minor in education from Harpur College of Arts and Science in Binghamton, NY, where she also made the dean’s list during her studies. Phoenix is pursuing a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine at the New York Institute of Technology. This field focuses on preventative medicine and how each system of the body functions together. She has passed the first level of the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination and is currently earning hands-on experience at the local hospitals around New York City. When school goes on break, she returns to Trans Am to pick up shifts as an EMT.

Even with such a busy schedule studying medicine, Phoenix’s commitment to people’s well-being does not stop in hospital rounds. She volunteers at her local food shelter and is a Rock Steady Boxing program team member, which helps individuals with Parkinson’s disease manage their symptoms through exercise. Whenever she returns home, she participates in Olean’s Alzheimer’s Walk to aid the research on this disease. She also makes regular donations to the EMS Leadership of Tomorrow program with each paycheck received.

Phoenix has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to patient care, medicine, and her community. She will surely inspire others to strive for the same commitment to the welfare of others.

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