Ronald Keech

Emergency Medical Technician & Field Training Officer
Armstrong Ambulance Service
Arlington, MA

Ron Keech has been an EMT at Armstrong Ambulance Service for over five years and embodies the core spirit of the job. He is a profound leader, mentor, and inspiration to all of those who have the pleasure of working with him. Ron was recognized by Region III for his outstanding contributions to EMS due to his incredible patient care and his willingness to help his colleagues become better providers by educating them in the field. He has been a well-respected and impactful Field Training Officer for four years, and continues to receive high marks from colleagues, healthcare partners, and members of the community.

Ron consistently takes new hires “under his wing” as a mentor and friend. As described by a fellow employee: “What makes Ron particularly remarkable is that he is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but also an incredible teacher and leader. He goes above and beyond on every call, not because he has to, but because it is so intertwined in who he is as a person. Whether he’s fluffing the pillows for a patient, discussing the most cost efficient in-home medical equipment, or showing off a piece of artwork he’s been working on to a particularly artistically inclined patient, he will do anything to connect with those around him. Ron gives others the tools to become the best healthcare provider they can be. Ron has a profound influence on those around him, and demonstrates that working with patients is about so much more than just the skills learned in the classroom. All who know Ron look up to him so much for all the heart and dedication he brings to the job.”

Everyone at Armstrong Ambulance Service recognizes Ron as a stand out employee and an amazing human being. He shows constant professionalism everyday and goes above and beyond the call of duty, every hour of every shift. Ron regularly receives accolades from patients and family members about his kind, compassionate way of helping and for truly making a difference in their lives. Ron is never seen without a smile or a positive word and everyone benefits from being around him.


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