Teighlor Clark

Emergency Medical Technician
Priority Ambulance
Newport, TN

Teighlor has served Cocke County, TN, since August 2023. She is from a tiny town in Southern Ohio. Watching the care her grandparents received following a stroke and lung cancer planted the seed and grew Teighlor’s love for EMS. She began her career in Huntington, West Virginia, in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic began. The area was rampant with addiction and poverty, and Teighlor set a goal to treat each patient just as her grandparents had been treated. 

Teighlor believes it does not take much to make a difference in someone’s life. Since working in Cocke County, she has “adopted” one of our repetitive dialysis patients. Teighlor spends her free time brightening the individual’s day, helping with tasks ranging from grocery shopping to painting fingernails—small gestures that illustrate Teighlor’s big heart.

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