Adam Donahue

Ambulance Manager
Lakes Region EMS
North Branch, MN

Adam has been nominated for this award by multiple employees over the past two years. He’s a person who has always taken initiative to be a leader even before he held a leadership role within Lakes Region EMS. His dedication to his organization has continually proved this for over 16 years. Adam started out his career as an EMT and over the years has worked his way up to Paramedic, Field Lead, Supervisor, and most recently Ambulance Operations Manager. His willingness to learn and grow as a professional and his passion for the job has continued to show in his leadership. Adam also spends his time serving our local police force. He is the first and longest standing medic on the SWAT team and continues to play an essential role in sustaining the SWAT Medic program at Lakes Region. Despite this dedication and commitment, he continues to prove there is more room for growth as he is currently working to complete his BA in Organizational Leadership. He has long work days and late school nights, yet he still gives 100% to his job and the community. Adam maintains his dedication and outstanding commitment daily by always going the extra mile. He is responsible for the training and orientation of all new staff, vehicle maintenance and operational supplies, and equipment purchasing. He is willing to listen and problem solves, as well as finds creative solutions to day to day issues. Adam has the clinical expertise to excel as a Paramedic and the leadership knowledge to manage a team of people with integrity and professionalism. He does all this while maintaining a smile on his face making for an enjoyable working atmosphere. Adam has an infectious laugh that fills the office and a big heart that reaches many. Lakes Region wouldn’t be what it is today without having Adam as a member of its team. The Lakes Region EMS leadership and staff thanks him for all of the hard work and dedication that he has given to the organization, through his time and thoughtfulness, his leadership, and his ownership to the organization and the people working alongside him. Every member of the staff, from the executive leadership, to the clinical staff feels honored to have such a great leader and individual working by their side.”

2014 | Lakes Region EMS | MN