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Brandon Trauba

Brandon Trauba has been an incredible asset to Lakes Region EMS over the course of his career. Starting as an EMT in 2014, Brandon quickly progressed to Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, Supervisor, then on to Operations Manager today. Brandon continues to be an exemplary leader in his newest role; he asks difficult questions and is thoughtful but firm in how he deals with challenges. He shows great ownership and engagement in the organization and has a good practice of looking at things through both a leadership lens as well the lens of a field provider.

In his role as an Operations Manager, Brandon is the driving force behind many improvements within the organization. He leads the Field Training Officers group, mentoring new and experienced employees. He also guides new staff through orientation, readying them to serve the community on their own. Brandon also spearheaded the rollout of an entirely new narcotics process. He diligently gathered feedback from all staff, worked to understand the process, and then trained the team before launching the module.

In addition to his contributions to the communities of Lakes Region EMS, Brandon has been a member of the United States Reserves for the past 12 years. He has served our country on multiple deployments as a Flight Paramedic.

Outside of work, Brandon enjoys spending his time with his four-year-old daughter and wife, Justine. He also enjoys going to the family cabin in his spare time.

Lakes Region EMS is proud to recognize Brandon Trauba as a 2023 Star of Life.

Allison Stout

Allison Stout has been an incredible asset to Lakes Region EMS over the course of her ten-year career. Starting as an EMT, Allison advanced to become a Critical Care Paramedic, FTO, and, most recently, a QA Coordinator.

Allison has gone above and beyond, investing an incredible amount of time training and onboarding each employee. She has not only taught classes, but also has progressed our clinical education offerings by reviewing, adapting, and developing new courses. Allision’s contributions to further develop the organization’s clinical excellence are remarkable. She sets the tone and expectations for each new hire, embracing the clinical culture at Lakes Region EMS. She shows great ownership in the organization with each employee she has the opportunity to interact with.

Allison is also an accomplished artist. Prior to starting her career in EMS, she worked as a studio and commission artist. Making art and being creative is still a source of enjoyment, but has become more of a leisure activity in recent years. When Allison is not working, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Jon, and his son, Zander, as well as the rambunctious quadrupeds that live with them.


TenaMarie Meyer

TenaMarie Meyer joined Lakes Region EMS in 2000, working initially as an EMT Basic. Over the course of her 20+ year career, she went on to become a Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, and FTO. Tena has shown tremendous dedication to Lakes Region EMS by investing countless hours expanding the education opportunities, including teaching EMR and EMT, as well as new hire course(s) for onboarding and Essentials of Critical Care. Developing and teaching these courses put her as a constant presence for new employees, mentoring them as they begin their careers in EMS and within our organization.

Tena is passionate about improving patient care and provider knowledge through education and simulation. In her current role as the Manager of Clinical Services, Tena oversees clinical care and education, further advancing clinical offerings and education opportunities. Her pride and ownership show through all she does.

Outside of her work at Lakes Region EMS, Tena enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with her husband and three boys at their cabin in northern Minnesota. Lakes Region EMS is proud to recognize TenaMarie as a 2022 Star of Life.

Lee Huber

Lee Huber has more than 15 years of experience in public safety, including fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical services. Lee began his career working at a small rural ambulance service as an EMT-Intermediate and eventually became the department’s Director. He came to Lakes Region EMS as one of the Operations Managers, with the primary responsibility of leading a new management contract for a rural hospital-based ambulance service. Since taking on this role, Lee has led the service in an engaging and meaningful way, bringing employee engagement to an all-time high. He is dedicated to standing out as not only a manager for the contracted area, but also a leader who goes above and beyond when it comes to the success of Lakes Region EMS. 

Lee has been in his role at Lakes Region EMS for the past six years. During this time, he has been an overall sounding board for problem solving in areas throughout the operation. He also has utilized his previous leadership experience and his clinical knowledge to help facilitate multiple partnerships, such as with state representatives, and community programs, including EMR Medical Direction for multiple agencies and CPR class coordination with local programs. Lee’s dedication to Lakes Region EMS is steadfast and unyielding.

John Joswiak

John Joswiak has 13 years of experience in emergency medical services, and has spent the last eight years with Lakes Region EMS. John started his career as an EMT-Basic, quickly moving to the position of Paramedic, for one of Minnesota’s leading ground Critical Care transport services. He is currently licensed and working in Minnesota and Wisconsin operations as a Critical Care Paramedic. John is well recognized as someone who will spend additional time on special projects, mentor new staff, and always go the extra mile for his patients and partners. He has also led our employee Adopt-a-Highway program over the past several years. Lakes Region EMS is proud to nominate John as a 2019 Star of Life.

Brian Meyer

Brian Meyer is a star performer in the eyes of Lakes Region EMS. It is an honor to give this award to someone who has dedicated over two years of service to our organization with skill, determination, and leadership. Brian is one of our most dedicated and hardworking EMT’s at Lakes Region EMS. Brian is consistently showing through his actions and commitment to outstanding patient care and customer service why he is one of our top performers. He gives his all to his patients, co-workers, and to the community. He is well respected by staff and management and goes out of his way to help move our organization forward. His commitment doesn’t just stop after he punches off the clock. Brian is also involved with community programs and fundraisers such as Shop with a Cop and our Adopt a Highway sponsorship. He is an active member of the Lakes Region EMS Tactical team, headed by our local sheriff ‘s Office, and creates and teaches multiple EMS components to the other team members. Additionally, Brian teaches CPR and assists with several aspects of our EMR classes for the community and other local responders. Brian dedicates an enormous amount of time and energy to Lakes Region EMS, always picking up extra shifts when needed, and striving to be his best. Management and staff always know they can depend on Brian for anything. Brian’s partners are thrilled to be able to work alongside him and reinforced this message through the multiple nominations Brian received to earn him the Star award. Brian also had the honor this year of representing Lakes Region EMS at the Arrowhead EMS conference in Duluth, Minnesota. He was selected by the leadership staff to represent the organization as a result of his commitment of excellence in state-of-the-art patient care, his outstanding customer service, his dedication to the communities we serve, and his responsibility for the organizations financial health and wellbeing. Lakes Region is blessed to have such a competent, dedicated, and generous individual to represent our organization. He is deserving of the Stars of Life award and we are thrilled to honor him for all his years of service.”

Adam Donahue

Adam has been nominated for this award by multiple employees over the past two years. He’s a person who has always taken initiative to be a leader even before he held a leadership role within Lakes Region EMS. His dedication to his organization has continually proved this for over 16 years. Adam started out his career as an EMT and over the years has worked his way up to Paramedic, Field Lead, Supervisor, and most recently Ambulance Operations Manager. His willingness to learn and grow as a professional and his passion for the job has continued to show in his leadership. Adam also spends his time serving our local police force. He is the first and longest standing medic on the SWAT team and continues to play an essential role in sustaining the SWAT Medic program at Lakes Region. Despite this dedication and commitment, he continues to prove there is more room for growth as he is currently working to complete his BA in Organizational Leadership. He has long work days and late school nights, yet he still gives 100% to his job and the community. Adam maintains his dedication and outstanding commitment daily by always going the extra mile. He is responsible for the training and orientation of all new staff, vehicle maintenance and operational supplies, and equipment purchasing. He is willing to listen and problem solves, as well as finds creative solutions to day to day issues. Adam has the clinical expertise to excel as a Paramedic and the leadership knowledge to manage a team of people with integrity and professionalism. He does all this while maintaining a smile on his face making for an enjoyable working atmosphere. Adam has an infectious laugh that fills the office and a big heart that reaches many. Lakes Region wouldn’t be what it is today without having Adam as a member of its team. The Lakes Region EMS leadership and staff thanks him for all of the hard work and dedication that he has given to the organization, through his time and thoughtfulness, his leadership, and his ownership to the organization and the people working alongside him. Every member of the staff, from the executive leadership, to the clinical staff feels honored to have such a great leader and individual working by their side.”

Doug Volin

Doug Volin has more than 17 years of experience in emergency medical services, spending the past six years with Lakes Region EMS. Doug started his career as a Firefighter/EMT-Basic, quickly deciding that he wanted to become a Paramedic. Now, Doug is a Paramedic Field Training Officer, SWAT team medic and employee liaison on our Board of Directors. Over his career, Doug has shown consistently how to lead through example. Doug has the ability to take a very stressful call or situation and turn it into what feels like a routine call. As a Field Training Officer, Doug’s ability to push new hires and Paramedic students to learn from their calls and expand their knowledge is what makes him an important part of our organization. While working full time at Lakes Region EMS Doug made time to complete our Critical Care Course. Doug has also been chosen to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors as an employee liaison. Lakes Region EMS is proud to nominate Doug as a 2017 Star of Life.

Doug Volin has been a Paramedic-FTO with Lakes Region EMS for 6 years. In that time he has shown consistently how to lead through example. He has the ability to take a very stressful call or situation and turn it into what feels like a routine call. As a Field Training Officer, Doug’s ability to push new hires and paramedic students to learn from their calls and expand their knowledge is what makes him an important part of our organization. While working full time at Lakes Region EMS Doug made time to complete our Critical Care Course. He was also chosen to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors as an employee liaison.

Brian Galowitz

Brian has more than 21 years of experience in emergency medical services spanning from rural to large city services. Brian began his career working at a small rural ambulance service as an EMT-Intermediate. Brian then worked in 911 dispatch centers for Sheriff’s offices as well as the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. After receiving his paramedic licensure, Brian started working for an ALS/critical care EMS organization. Brian came to Lakes Region EMS as the MN Operations Manager and has shown his extensive experience in many areas to help lead the organization forward.

Brian Galowitz has been the Minnesota Operations Manager at Lakes Region EMS for just over one year. In this short time, Brian has utilized his previous experience both clinically and within management to help move the organization forward; leading the organization’s second largest change, a switch-over to a new dispatch center. Brian shows leadership skills everyday through his compassion for the crews, his ability to manage multiple situations calmly, and his capacity to help make transitions happen effortlessly. Brian truly has become an integral part of our organization.

Kayla Hedlund

“A high standard of excellence” and “commitment” are words that describe Kayla Hedlund and her work with Lakes Region EMS. She consistently goes above and beyond, surpassing expectations to advance her knowledge within her role.

Because of Kayla’s desire to advance her knowledge, in addition to being a Paramedic, she is also a respiratory therapist. These two titles combined show Kayla’s commitment to providing the best care for her patients. Each role has a unique set of
challenges that help her to progress her clinical knowledge; and if Kayla was not already pushing the envelope, she has recently taken on a new role within Lakes Region EMS. Because of her ability to translate her knowledge into a relatable and easy-to-understand format, she has been chosen to design lesson plans and scenarios for the Critical Care Program that will help teach others and lead them on the road to success.

“Success” is also a word that describes Kayla and her endeavors. She is joy to work with, and her optimism brings positive energy to the workplace. Kayla readily volunteers for any project and is up for any task. She is kind to all she meets, and has deep loyalty to the patients and staff of Lakes Region EMS.

Kayla’s excellence and dedication to all she does has made her more than deserving of this award. We all strive to surpass the expectation, push the envelope, and advance our knowledge, but Kayla has certainly mastered each of these goals.

We at Lakes Region EMS are proud to have her as a part of our family.