Allison Stout

Critical Care Paramedic/FTO/Quality Assurance Coordinator
Lakes Region EMS
North Branch, MN

Allison Stout has been an incredible asset to Lakes Region EMS over the course of her ten-year career. Starting as an EMT, Allison advanced to become a Critical Care Paramedic, FTO, and, most recently, a QA Coordinator.

Allison has gone above and beyond, investing an incredible amount of time training and onboarding each employee. She has not only taught classes, but also has progressed our clinical education offerings by reviewing, adapting, and developing new courses. Allision’s contributions to further develop the organization’s clinical excellence are remarkable. She sets the tone and expectations for each new hire, embracing the clinical culture at Lakes Region EMS. She shows great ownership in the organization with each employee she has the opportunity to interact with.

Allison is also an accomplished artist. Prior to starting her career in EMS, she worked as a studio and commission artist. Making art and being creative is still a source of enjoyment, but has become more of a leisure activity in recent years. When Allison is not working, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Jon, and his son, Zander, as well as the rambunctious quadrupeds that live with them.


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