Ariella Dalfen

Ariella Dalfen has been a part of the Northwell Health System Center for EMS (CEMS) team since 2012. Ariella started in EMS in 2003 as an EMT while at Binghamton University, where she provided care to fellow students, faculty, visitors, and staff. When prospects of employment as a lifeguard were scarce in upstate New York, Ariella switched to from life guard to life saver!

During her tenure in EMS, Ariella has worked as an EMT, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, and currently as a New York State Paramedic. A welcome addition to our team at CEMS, Ariella has helped with the development of our Explorers program, which helps high school students interested in medicine learn about EMS. Ariella also plays a role in our Performance Improvement initiatives. In 2017, while teaching EMT and Paramedic Skills as a Certified Lab Instructor at the Center for Learning and Innovation, Ariella discovered her passion for teaching.

Ariella leveraged this new love by joining our training division where she was involved with implementing a new Field Training Officer program for the department. Ariella provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and expectations to all our new employees, setting them up for success and preparing them for the high-performance organization that is CEMS. When not providing training or patient care, Ariella is pursuing her master’s degree in Health Professions Pedagogy and Leadership. While away from work or school, Ariella and her husband Eric enjoy dinning out, watching Game of Thrones, ice hockey, and baseball.

There is not a more deserving provider than Ariella, and CEMS is proud to honor her service and commitment as our 2019 Star of Life!

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