Beth Rodgers

Training Supervisor
Century Ambulance Service, Inc
Jacksonville, FL

A pioneer in the Northeast Florida healthcare and EMS communities, Beth Rodgers demonstrates impeccable commitment to providing exceptional critical care and clinical services to her patients. Beth also happily shares this expertise with her students.

In 34 years of dedicated service with Century Ambulance, Beth has risen through the ranks, holding positions such as EMT, Paramedic, Critical Care Paramedic, dispatcher, biller, and dialysis concierge. For more than 10 years, Beth has worked as Training Supervisor for a growing staff of 450 personnel across North and South Florida. Over the years, Beth has been instrumental in developing protocols and best practices through groundbreaking partnerships with organizations like Jacksonville Sports Medicine, where she helped design specialty training for impact and sports-related injuries. Beth currently sits as president of Jacksonville’s Emergency Medical Auxiliary (JEMA) volunteer program, of which she is a founding member and where she leads volunteer training.

In her free time, Beth is lead instructor for the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care courses. Beth is also an avid world traveler, boasting a passport stamped in 62 countries. In 2019, Beth plans to explore Switzerland, Egypt, Alaska, her home state of Indiana, and Texas, where she will enjoy time with her two grandchildren.

As one of the area’s first female Paramedics, Beth has overcome many obstacles to build her legacy of passionate leadership and unparalleled medical care. Century Ambulance Service is honored to call Beth Rodgers a colleague and 2019 Star of Life.

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