Daniel Jackson

Hunter's Ambulance Service, Inc.
Meriden, Connecticut

Daniel Jackson has been employed with Hunter’s Ambulance Service since November 2002. Dan joined Hunter’s as an EMT-IV, then later successfully progressed to obtain his Paramedic license in June of 2003.

Dan possesses many qualities that are appreciated by our organization. When his supervisors were asked to describe him, they all had the same positive response: “Dan is extremely dedicated to his job, and his patients”. His is known to be “respected by
patients, peers, and supervisors alike.”

In addition, Dan is a Paramedic Field Instructor (PFI) and has been critical in precepting and assisting our new Paramedic employees to obtain medical control. Dan’s recommendations while acting as a PFI are valued and trusted by all. He takes the time to critically evaluate each and every call to ensure the best in patient care.

Dan is being honored as a Star of Life for his proficiency and dedication. Hunter’s Ambulance is privileged to have such a committed member on our team.

2016 | CT | Hunter's Ambulance