Danny Abalama

B200 Instructor Pilot
Guardian Flight
Anchorage, AK

Danny Abalama is a gifted pilot with a talent for flying in difficult and remote areas throughout his home state of Alaska. As someone who grew up in a village himself, Danny is committed to providing the best care possible to hard-to-reach areas.

In one instance, Danny landed an aircraft in the middle of the night in a small rural region with only the community’s off-road vehicle lights to illuminate the runway. In another occurrence, Danny “hand-flew” an aircraft on a flight from Kotzebue to Kobuk, just above the Arctic Circle, when the aircraft’s autopilot malfunctioned. Despite the demands of that flight, Danny was described as “cool as a cucumber.” He never flinched or faltered.

Danny is always willing to help other pilots on his base. He supports his colleagues so they can be ready in the event they must serve as single pilots without a full instrument panel.

Humble, kind, soft-spoken, and funny, Danny Abalama is a true leader.

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