Delaney Kenny

EMT/Field Training Officer
Armstrong Ambulance Service
Arlington, MA

Delaney Kenny has been an EMT with Armstrong Ambulance since 2019. Delaney states that she has always had a desire to work in the medical field and help other people. Her passion was sparked while in high school, when Delaney went on her first overseas trip to Panama, where she did outreach work, specifically with orphaned children. That trip to Panama really confirmed Delaney’s desired career path. She started in EMS, in hopes of learning basic assessment tools and how to interact with patients. She credits her time at Armstrong with improving her patient care skills and so much more.

Since she has been at Armstrong, Delaney has been recognized many times for her caring and empathy by colleagues, supervisors, and patients. We often receive heartfelt thank you notes praising Delaney for being kind, caring, and courteous while also providing excellent patient care. Patients have said that her kindness while they were in pain has “made their day.” Delaney sets the bar high when it comes to patient care and leads by example for every new hire she trains. She cares for every patient with the thoughtfulness and attention that we would want for our own family members.

During the height of the pandemic, instead of shying away from the fear and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Delaney stepped up to help Armstrong run several municipal testing locations in addition to her regular BLS shift work. Delaney also played a big role in the emergency vaccination projects and was a huge contributor in Armstrong’s efforts to vaccinate the entire Massachusetts State Police force. During that time, her leadership skills became evident, and she was chosen to become a Field Training Officer to guide new EMTs during their field orientation.

In addition to her work at Armstrong, Delaney has continued her overseas volunteer work, most recently in July 2021. Delaney was the clinical lead for a team of fifteen student volunteers from the organization Royal Servants, who were engaged in outreach efforts at primary schools and orphanages in Nairobi, Kenya. Delaney was tasked with managing strict COVID regulations for the team, amongst other activities, and ensuring that everyone was compliant with protocols. The group enjoyed a successful month-long mission and upon return to the states, Delaney jumped right back into her EMT duties at Armstrong.

When not in the field, Delaney enjoys finding new coffee shops, reading, and spending time with her friends and her two dogs. She is currently attending Paramedic school and looks forward to applying what she is learning in the classroom to her work in the field. One of her favorite things about her career in EMS is showing up to a scene and getting to make a new connection with another human being in such a short period, with the hopes of helping them.

Armstrong Ambulance is proud to call Delaney Kenny a 2022 Star of Life!


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