Jay Horne

Sunstar Paramedics
Largo, FL

Jay has been an exemplory member of the Sunstar team since November 2012. Jay works as a full time EMT and is part of our mental health transport (MHT) team. Jay is very well rounded as he also volunteers with the Port Richey Fire Department and has a literary background as an author and publisher of multiple books, with his most recent published novel “Tower Hearts”. Jay received his EMT training at Washington ?xadHolmes Technical Center and is from Pegram, Tennessee. Jay quickly made a lasting impression and memorable impact just 5 months in his first EMS job at Sunstar. As a newly cleared EMT on the night of April 10, 2013, Jay and his partner responded to a critical call involving a 2 year old girl who’s legs were amputated by a riding lawn mower at her home in Palm Harbor, Florida. Litte did the crew know that their second-to-none care and teamwork provided that evening would save Ireland Nugent’s life and make long standing local and national headlines. The call was exceptionally emotional and highly stressful, but very well handled by Jay in being given much support, debriefings, and follow-up including a reunion by Jay and his partner with Ireland and her parents. Tragically, three months after Ireland’s call Jay would lose his partner in an off-duty motorcycle accident. Less than one year after this call and loss of his partner, Jay takes pride in seeing Ireland thrive in overcoming her challenges as a double amputee. Nothing appears to stop Ireland as she is currently three years old, mastering prosthetics and learning ballet. Ireland’s call that April evening would be a tragic situation with an unsuspecting positive outlook and for Jay, in a similar fashion with his career at Sunstar, a parallel in overcoming new and challenging situations and flourishing.”

2014 | FL | Sunstar Paramedics