John Large

Regional Manager
Mohawk Ambulance Service
Schenectady, NY

John Large began his EMT career as an explorer with Mohawk Ambulance at the age of 13. John has now worked for Mohawk Ambulance for 31 years.

Not only does John treat every patient as if he is caring for his own family, he affords his every colleague the same respect. John is well-rounded in every aspect of emergency services. In addition to his work as an EMT, John has also been a volunteer firefighter and officer for 38 years.

John always goes a above and beyond the call of duty. When there is a serious call, John will respond from the station, or from home, and assist the crews in any way he can. John is always willing to lend an ear; should it be to crews after a difficult call or helping his colleagues with work or personal problems. On holidays, during extreme weather conditions, and just on long, busy days, John always makes sure that his crews are properly fed and taken care of. John has earned the respect of the entire Mohawk Ambulance family.

John is the ultimate team player and treats everyone with respect, regardless of rank. He is known by his peers to be dedicated, committed, hardworking, professional, and kind.

John has devoted his life to public service in EMS and as a volunteer firefighter. John has earned the utmost respect from Mohawk’s employees, our volunteer and municipal fire departments, and his patients alike. It is an honor and privilege to work side by side with John. 

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