Kim McDorman

Information Technology Specialist
Tulsa, OK

No matter the hour—or day of week—Kim McDorman is ready to respond when technology issues arise. Kim has earned a reputation as “Ms. Fix-It” during her nine years at EMSA. Whether it’s a desktop computer that’s stopped working, a tablet used for documentation that’s not charging, or a mobile data terminal that’s not synching, Kim has a knack for getting to the underlying cause of any IT issue. If solving the problem requires coming in to the office during her off-hours, Kim does so without complaint.

Kim is an intensely curious person. If Kim doesn’t know how something works, she does her research and finds out. She’s also quick to share information with others, in the hope of helping prevent future IT problems from occurring in the first place.

Kim has a wonderful sense of humor and unique way of making all team members feel important. Kim treats frontline EMTs and Paramedics with the same respect and consideration she affords to organizational leaders. Kim is a customer service star and integral part of the EMSA team.

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