Linda Devereaux

Community Paramedic
Cataldo Ambulance Service
Somerville, MA

Linda joined Cataldo Ambulance Service in 2008 as an EMT and worked her way up to Paramedic. Linda entered EMS unexpectedly, but felt that after her time spent in many other trades, EMS offered her a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of strangers, and she certainly has many times over. Linda shows enormous pride for her work, never settling for anything but superb performance.

Linda always put the patient’s needs first from the moment she is dispatched for the call. She knows that when she punches-in for duty, it is about her job and helping the citizens of the cities we serve. We all know it is our job to care, but sometimes our body language can really speak volumes about how we feel, and patients can read that. Linda’s body language always shows care and concern. She goes right to their side, and offers human-to-human contact that can sometimes be more healing for individuals than any medication we have available.

Linda is a vital member of not just the Cataldo community but the EMS community, and her dedication and respect for the work she does goes above and beyond.

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