Mary Anselmo

Cataldo Ambulance Service
Somerville, MA

Mary Anselmo began her career at Cataldo Ambulance as a BLS provider 13 years ago and has since worked her way up to becoming a Senior Paramedic.

Cataldo Ambulance is proud to nominate Mary as a 2019 Star of Life for the years of compassionate care she has provided and for always putting the patient first. In addition to being clinically astute, Mary is known for her humility and for always going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure her patients and their family’s comfort and understanding of the situation.

Having worked in a high-volume EMS system for years, Mary has experienced her share of challenging calls. She continually uses these experiences to grow into a better person and healthcare provider. For Mary, every call is an opportunity for growth and learning, and she remains calm under pressure and is an excellent teacher. Mary takes the time with each crew member and student, considering each of their individual needs and strengths.

Mary is an asset not just to Cataldo Ambulance Service, but to the profession as a whole. Mary is an extremely dedicated Paramedic, mother, and wife and she truly deserves this recognition for her dedication and compassion.

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