Michael Coflin

Lt. Commander Operations
Central Emergency Medical Services
Roswell, GA

Mr. Coflin currently serves as a Lt. Commander at Central EMS. He was born in Decatur, Georgia, raised in Fishers, Indiana and attended Purdue University; but, he left shortly after to enlist in the United States Army. After serving honorably for four and a half years as a 13F Forward Observer for HHT 7-10 CAV 1BCT 4ID on a COLT Team with a tour in Iraq in 2006, he became a volunteer firefighter for Bloomington Township Fire Department. This eventually led him into the field of EMS. Mike joined Central EMS in 2011 as an EMT-P and is now a CCP. During the recent ice storms in Atlanta, Mike demonstrated extreme leadership and decision making capabilities. His ability to calmly supervise crews and treat patients under extreme conditions proves he is well-suited for EMS industry and highly qualified for his leadership position. His military and EMS experience, attention to detail, sense of self pride, and commitment to Central EMS make him a role model for all.”

2014 | GA