Nathan Rasmussen

Pacific West Ambulance
Newport, OR

Nathan Rasmussen came to Pacific West Ambulance as a Paramedic intern in 2011. He was quickly liked by all the staff and was given the nickname “Monkey”.This nickname came from the auto commercials where a monkey would jump out the trunk of a vehicle, and come to the aid of the vehicles driver. As an intern, Nathan was very eager to arrive on scene and jump out of the ambulance ready for action. Nathan gained the respect of those that worked with him, and he was hired on full time after he completed his schooling. Nathan has a strong passion for EMS and continuing education that he shares with those that are around him. His enthusiasm for his job is contagious and this is why he was awarded Pacific West Ambulance “Paramedic of the Year” in 2013 by his peers. Even though Nathan is at the start of his career in EMS, he is able to function at the level of a seasoned Paramedic. Nathan has become an asset to Pacific West Ambulance due to his willingness to step in and lend a hand when needed with special projects, staffing, and taking a vital role in the growth in the company. During his off time Nathan enjoys an active lifestyle of mountain biking, racquetball, and has a strong passion for his Subaru STI.”

2014 | OR | Pacific West Ambulance