Rosalie Willis

Bay City Ambulance
Coos Bay, OR

Almost 11 years ago, Rosalie Willis, began her EMS career. Approached by her neighbor, Fire Chief Terry Atkins, she was asked if she would be interested in volunteering on the ambulance. Speechless at first, she began asking numerous questions. Quickly she found out what she needed to accomplish before being able to volunteer to do such an amazing thing. In June of 2003, she successfully completed her local First Responder course. Enjoying her education, she decided to continue learning and completed her EMT Basic in June of 2004. She volunteered on a rural ambulance for 5 years. In March of 2008, Rosalie was hired to work as a Full-Time employee at Bay Cities Ambulance in Coos Bay, Oregon. As a single mother of 4 young children, in the fall of 2008, she began her 4 year training to obtain her license as a Paramedic. In October of 2012, all of her hard work and dedication was rewarded, when she accomplished her goal and became a Nationally Certified Paramedic. After 2 months of field training with Paramedic’s at Bay Cities Ambulance, she was released to work within the company as a Paramedic. Since that time she has continued to strive for excellence in her work and her continuing personal education on the job. Rosalie is now happily married and devotes her spare time to her husband and children. She loves spending time at the ocean with her family. She is grateful to all of her friends, family and co-workers for their love and support throughout her career and training to become a paramedic.”

2014 | OR