Sean Mangan

Paramedic-Field Operations Manager
Armstrong Ambulance Service
Arlington, MA

For more than 17, years, Sean Mangan has served as one of the most experienced Paramedics/ Field Operations Managers at Armstrong Ambulance. Sean’s deep commitment to excellence shines through his work, and his colleagues all agree that his patient-centered approach is inspiring to everyone around him. Sean began his career with Armstrong Ambulance in 1997 as an EMT. In 1998, he became a Paramedic and worked one of the busiest municipalities in the Greater Boston area. Sean was known to receive many compliments by patients and community partners as he handled situations with the utmost expertise and care. In 2011, he was promoted to Field Operations Manager where he excels at managing Armstrong’s expansive and growing service area by using his keen judgment, clinical skills and customer service talents. On April 15, 2013 Sean was on duty and responded to the Boston Marathon bombing. He was one of the initial medics on-scene within the first few minutes of the first explosion and did not hesitate to respond to those in need. Once on scene, Sean quickly began coordinating Armstrong’s response with Boston EMS Command which was a critical component in saving lives. Sean is described as bright, funny and always willing to help out a colleague whenever, and wherever it is needed. He is a certified CRP instructor who can be found volunteering at various EMT programs within the local community. Sean is well respected by his peers and is frequently sought out as a resource for difficult situations and issues. Sean’s wife and son are as proud as we are of Sean’s Star of Life award.”

2014 | Armstrong Ambulance Service | MA