Theresa Hartman

American Medical Response
Holland, MI

Paramedic Theresa Hartman’s EMS career began seven years ago. In addition to demonstrating excellent clinical skills, Theresa is known for showing incredible kindness and deep compassion to everyone she encounters – patients, their family members, hospital staff, and first responders – regardless of their station in life. Theresa is working toward becoming a Field Training Officer and Critical Care Paramedic.

Theresa, fellow Star of Life nominee Tracy Allen, and their partners, responded last August to the call that no one wants to receive – members of their EMS family had been involved in a serious accident while on duty. Theresa and Tracy provided life-saving care to their colleagues and, later, volunteered to transfer their most critically injured teammate from the initial receiving hospital to a higher-level trauma center.

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2017 | American Medical Response (AMR) | MI