Tim Alden

RN, Flight Nurse
Mayo Clinic Medical Transport
Grand Meadow, MN

Mayo Clinic Medical Transport is proud to select Tim Alden, RN, as a 2014 Star of Life.Tim has served as a flight nurse aboard Mayo One for more than seven years and has been a nurse for more than fifteen. Tim’s efforts to serve patients continue beyond his nursing career. Tim has been a volunteer EMT for Grand Meadow (Minn.) Ambulance Service, the community where he lives, for more than twenty years. This long-term commitment to EMS, both as a volunteer and a career, exemplifies his passion for patient care. Throughout Tim’s career as a nurse he has earned the trust of his patients, his peers and leadership. “Tim models the role of nurse as the patient advocate. We have received several testimonials from patients and family members that believe their life or family member’s life was saved because of Tim’s care,” wrote a colleague who nominated Tim for the Star of Life honor. The same colleague also wrote this of Tim, “Tim Alden’s performance as a flight nurse and the word excellence may very well be synonymous. Tim was one of the first flight nurses to obtain certification as a CFRN (certified flight registered nurse) and helped to inspire others to do so.” Perhaps the best example of Tim’s embodiment of excellence in EMS is his reputation. Tim comes to work ready to work. Anything requested of Tim will be done promptly and effectively. Tim has the respect of his peers, managers and colleagues. Patients who Tim has the privilege of caring for receive high-level compassionate and professional care.”

2014 | MN