William Ingle

North East Mobile Health Services
Scarborough, ME

William “Bill” Ingle is a talented professional who works as the Critical Care Paramedic in the Stanford division of North East Mobile Health Services, where he transports some of our sickest patients.

Bill is calm, knowledgeable, and has a deep mastery of clinical assessment skills. Bill excels at transports that involve balancing critical care interventions, monitoring multiple IV drips, and an array of monitoring devices. Despite this, Bill never loses sight of the patient. Bill explains the steps and interventions to patients allowing them to feel confident in the care he renders. Bill also guides his partners in their role alongside him, and rises to the challenges that come along with transporting some of the sickest patients in Maine.

With many years of experience and a willingness to share his knowledge, Bill is a highly sought after partner. According to Bill, “I just love coming to work, I really love my job!”

Staff at hospitals describe Bill as “a relief to see walk in the door,” and as “the Paramedic I want taking care of a family member.”

2017 | ME | North East Mobile Health Services