William Levi

Advanced EMT
★ Awarded Posthumously
Las Vegas, NV
February 26, 1976–January 23, 2022 | Obituary

William McKinley Levi, Jr. is being honored and remembered for serving as a proud EMS professional, who helped more than 1,000 students receive scholarships through his personal work as a videographer and sports columnist. Will had served the Las Vegas community for nearly twenty years in his professional and personal life. He is remembered for his smile and kind nature, both of which had an impression on coworkers and patients alike.

Will led by example. Friends describe him as someone who was always willing to teach, help, or support his fellow EMS responders in any way he could. He was a solid EMT who was skilled in his profession. His knowledge was respected, but it was his humility that was admired. Will was not a proud person who kept his expertise to himself. He was more than happy to mentor or offer advice to any of his coworkers who asked him for help.

Will’s deep sense of caring for his community was also present in his personal life. He enjoyed editing videos on sports-related events and had his own column. This side project helped many high school athletes receive financial support for a college education.

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