Jenna Cirincione

Emergency Medical Technician
CHS Mobile Integrated Healthcare
Rochester, NY

Jenna began her journey in EMS as an Explorer. She held the title of Explorer President and received accommodation for Explorer of the Year. When she reached the age of a Firefighter and could no longer hold her position as an Explorer, Jenna transitioned to an Explorer Post Advisor in order to share her knowledge with the youth of Rush, New York. Shortly after this transition, Jenna accepted a role on the Board of Directors for Rush Fire Department, a position she holds to this day despite her unflagging commitment to CHS. As a result of her immense skill and compassion for her patients, Jenna has also moved into the role of Vice President and Lieutenant of the Ambulance for Rush Fire Department. She continues to serve there as the Lieutenant, as well as the Director of Operations.

Jenna has maintained her EMT-B level for nine years and is an asset to the EMS system. As an EMT at CHS, Jenna remains calm under pressure and expertly carries out essential tasks in critical situations. Her partner describes her as an excellent EMT and a wonderful person. Her calm presence and quick reactions make every call feel routine. She is always ready and willing to help, and is consistently up to date on the latest training.  

Jenna is one of the best EMT partners in our organization. She is not just an excellent EMT—she is also a wonderful person. When asked to describe a team player, her fellow CHS colleagues picture Jenna and enumerate her attributes. She remains calm under pressure and carries out the things requested in a critical situation with class. Said a colleague, “one time as we had a respiratory distress patient who was struggling and family was less than helpful she supplied everything I asked for from demos to equipment so smoothly it felt like a routine call.”

Jenna has a very positive attitude. She rarely asks if she can help—primarily because she has already started pitching in! She shows utmost compassion to her patients, but is also sharp and is consistent in improving her knowledge. She keeps up to date on the latest training and shares this with others through her work with the SIM team.

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