Spencer Oliver

Paramedic-Field Training Officer
Metro West Ambulance
Hillsboro, OR

When a fellow paramedic FTO was asked what could be said about Spencer in his biography for the Star of Life Award, he immediately quipped, “He is tall and has a firm handshake!” This mention was quickly followed up with a smile, laugh and a detailed opinion about Spencer’s merits. This type of interaction exemplifies the reputation Spencer has at Metro West Ambulance. Spencer started working as an EMT-Basic in the wheelchair division of Metro West Ambulance in 2008. While working, he also studied paramedicine at Portland Community College. He graduated in 2009 and earned his paramedic license from the State of Oregon. He quickly moved up and into the ALS ambulance division. From day one of his FTO period, Spencer has been able to effectively balance his fun personality, professionalism and his constant willingness to learn and improve his practice. He is always challenging himself by expanding his knowledge of EKGs, cardiology and critical care medicine. Recently, he completed the lengthy and very challenging CCEMT-P course. This never-ending passion to learn and challenge himself has paved a quick road to his position as a field training officer. As FTO, he is now able to his share his knowledge and passion for EMS with new employees. Besides his clinical development, Spencer is also passionate about Metro West Ambulance’s operational success. He has volunteered on the Operations Advisor Committee, and has been chair for the past year. In that challenging position, he strives to constructively present new ideas, opinions and most importantly, effective solutions to management on behalf of fellow employees. He has proven to be a respected voice of reason that has brought renewed success to Metro West Ambulance. Metro West Ambulance is proud to honor Spencer as a 2014 Star of Life.”

2014 | Metro West Ambulance | OR